Wednesday, November 9th 2016. Seattle, WA

There are moments in life when the reality of the world punctures the delicate façade of those things which we thought we knew; when truths surface to remind us of the absurd nature of that which we call ‘living’ and of the holes in our understanding which then scream out from the soul.

Last night the people voted to elect Donald J Trump as president of the United States of America and the truth comes pouring out. It is unavoidable, like fists which would clench the throat, so now we are held in the hands of inescapable reality.

The truth is that there are men that would hurt you, men that hate you and would see to it that you are punished for living. Men who despise you because of who you love, who hate you for the color of your skin, who would see fit to toss you aside because of your chromosomes or otherwise seek to destroy that which you hope to become. The truth is that living for many, so many, has just become more difficult and it is impossible to say that we will all be ok.

I hesitate to fall back onto messages of hope, to console the grieving hearts with a call towards compassion and solidarity, or to pick out from the cloud a silver lining of any kind. I hesitate because now is not the time for resolution, now more than ever is the time for struggle. Greater were the number of people who voted to support progress than hate and yet hate has still won.

For today it may only be appropriate to grieve, than tomorrow perhaps to gear up for a fight.