Kelsey Sucena (b. 1994, Honolulu) is a New York based photographer, poet, and park ranger currently residing on Long Island. Working at the intersection of photography and poetry, their work explores concepts of identity, impermanence, and language, pairing written words with photographic narratives to investigate the existential nature of documenting life. Kelsey is a graduate of the Purchase College School of Art and Design and is currently a graduate student with the Image Text program at Ithaca College.

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     Ithaca College graduate candidate, Image Text Ithaca

    Purchase College School of Art and Design, BFA Class of 2016, Magna Cum Laude


Viator no. 3, Summer 2018

Hooligan Magazine, Spilled Ink, Sept. 10th, 2018

     Free Ass Mag. Issue #5 Flight, June 2018

     Aint-Bad Magazine, What We Found: The Portrait, May 30, 2018

    Pool Resources Zine, March 3, 2017 (Before I Go)

     Aint-Bad Magazine, February 28, 2017 (The Circumstances of Existence)

     I Want You To See This Before I Leave Zine, February 2017 issue, (Poem, Bonfire Heart) - contributor

     Free Ass. Mag. Issue #3 Nomads. Vagabonds (January 2017)

     Submissions Magazine, Cover Photograph (September 2015)

     Photographer Forum’s best of High School/College Photography (2013)

     Photographer Forum’s best of High School/College Photography 2012 (2012)


     Saudade: A Group Exhibiton, The World Money Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. (December 2016)

     Motions: A Senior Thesis Exhibition, The Circumstances of Existence, (February 2016)

     Deer and Visor, Unclear and Wiser, Beer Incisor; Peer Advisor Exhibition, Purchase College (October 2015)

     Foreshadow: A Senior Photography Exhibition; Purchase College (October 2015)

     57th Annual Long Island Artists Exhibition(2015)

     The Junior Show; Purchase College (2015)

     Punctum//Studium: A Junior Photography Exhibition (2014)

     Long Island Biennial Online Exhibition (2014)

     Finalist; Serbin Communications 34th Annual High School and photography Competition (2014)

     Purchase College Photographic Society, winter show (2013)

     Finalist, Serbin Communications 33rd Annual High School and Photography competition.(2013)

     Honorable Mention, Serbin Communications 32nd Annual High school/ College photography competion. (2012)

     Mills Pond Student Gallery, Mills Pond, NY (2012)

     NYSATA Student Gallery, Suffolk County, NY (2012)


Work Experience/Roles

     Jo Ann WaltersArtist Assistant

    Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Fire Island National Seashore - Park Ranger, Interpretation

    The Levee - Editor

    Float Magazine - Contributing writer

    The Silo Studio - Videographer, Photographer

    Photo Alum: Purchase College - Editor//Instagram administrator

    Purchase College, School of Art and Design - Teaching Assistant, Kristine Potter and Joshua Lutz

    Purchase College, School of Art and Design - Peer Advisor

     Purchase College, School of Art and Design - Lab Assistant, Darkroom

. Purchase College, School of Art and Design - Lab Assistant, Digital Photography Lab

Published Essays

Float Photo Magazine, A Place to Disappear, Pablo Lerma

Float Photo Magazine, Liars Paradox, Dane Manary

Float Photo Magazine, Even Looking at this Will Make a Difference, Dominic Till

Float Photo Magazine, Acts of Looking, Joseph Podlesnik

Related Skills

     Scanning/Retouching film photographs utilizing Imacon and Epson scanner systems

      Large Format Printing utilizing Epson printers including Epson 4900 and 9900's

      Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Premiere, and Indesign

      Proficiency with Microsoft and Apple operating systems and programs

      Experience in traditional darkroom settings including black and white film development and printing as well as with Cyanotype,                                                                                                                          Palldium, Platinum, Kallitype and Van Dyke printing.

      Experience in a studio photographic setting

      Maintenance of digital and film photographic equipment and accessories

      Experience as an educator of photography, art and other subjects for the National Park Service

      Experience developing educational programs and workshops

      Experience maintaining a social media presence both for personal projects and official organizations

      Quick to learn, friendly, determined 


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